How to BOOST your small business marketing strategy online!


Initial startups or new to the market small businesses find it extremely difficult to attract a following online. With corporate marketing budgets exceeding 10% of the companies revenue the chances that a new startup can compete is slim to none right!

WRONG smart marketing strategies can make all the difference!

Firstly, consider your target market within a small geographic location. More precise definition of your target market and their location will help minimize the budget needed to attract your audiences attention. As your company grows and expands so will the budget, this will enable you extend your reach.

Secondly concentrate on two social media channels for the first year of business. I recommend Facebook business pages and Instagram but this will vary depending on your industry. Email me for recommendations.

Facebook has made it extremely easy for your content to be shown to a large audience. Using the BOOST feature for each post you post will extend your reach, increasing your chances of getting that message across. This feature can be activated for as little as $2 a day and can be set for up to 14 days.

No doubt you will be very busy running the business and marketing can absorb a large amount of your time. Regularly updating and responding to two social media accounts will take, between 4 to 6 hrs a week. Allow yourself the time to plan, produce content, post, respond and analyze your campaigns.

You will learn a great deal from studying the campaigns analytics. Over a period of time you can work out what has worked and how effective the content has been. Skipping this step is sure fire way to producing uninteresting content and waste valuable time and resources.

Getting to know your customers is the best way to help define your target market.

Good luck and get your message out there!





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