Why SHOULD Small Businesses have a marketing strategy?

Every business should start out with a clearly defined business goal, be it a turnover goal or x number of clients etc. Developing a marketing strategy will align your business goals with your marketing or advertising plan.

It is so easy to start posting on your social media promoting your business, and whilst I would agree promotion is a large portion of your marketing plan is should not be all you do. Why might you ask? Well is simply won’t keep your audience interested!

Think of commercial television advertising. The story in the commercials can be so interesting that the brand name sticks with you. Imagine if Nike did nothing but advertise its shoes on a shelf, no one would buy them. By attaching their product to a message and creating content that keeps you glued to the TV, suddenly you want their product. This is what your social media marketing should promote to your followers, interesting and inspiring content with a touch of advertising thrown in.

As Gary Vaynerchuk calls it “jab jab jab right hook”. In other words, a jab is content that is engaging and promotes an emotional response, whilst the right hook aims at selling your product or service.

Simply put provide enough content to keep your followers interested and promote your business sparingly. I recommend to my clients that 80% of what you post should be content that your target audience finds interesting and the remaining 20% promoting your business.

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