How to Create Content to keep those followers coming back.

The biggest hurdle many business owners have is the confidence to create and post content. This may sound silly, right? You want maximum exposure to build an audience but afraid to do so? Would posting your own content change people’s opinion of your business?

Maybe, but if its educational, beneficial or just entertaining, then it can only do well. I have sat with many business owners and tried to convince them that what they do day every day is or can be entertaining to others. Look at some of the most popular people on YouTube (earning 1000s of dollars a day) who simply vlog their occupation. I will give some clear examples.

The motor industry is a great example. So many repair shops upload footage of simple everyday tasks and get millions of views. Even images of modifications, repairs, common faults, customizing is so popular on Pinterest.

Cooking, how many videos of recipes or techniques do you see that have a massive following? Renovation videos, people are fascinated at ways to perform their own renovations. Craft videos, you can get some useful tips from a one-minute video or Pinterest post. Let’s not get started in the tech industry…

Untitled design(5) You get my idea here, what seems simple in your area of expertise can provide so much value to viewers, and that is what great content does, produce value. For instance, I recently have been addicted to watching videos of people building tiny homes or bus conversions. What can be done so easily yet looks amazing and functions for everyday use is brilliant! Furthermore, I suffer from some back-related problems and have been watching simple stretches from physio’s online that help deal with this.

Look at it from the other side of the camera the vloggers are simply doing their everyday jobs. It’s what THEY do every day that viewers find interesting. There is so much value in these styles of videos that I find myself spending hours watching this form of content.

Now, whilst we have gone off track a little as we are talking about content specific to your business pages you can see where I am going with this.

If you are confident enough to run your own business should you not be confident enough to promote your skills on your social media?

Creating 1-minute videos of easier ways to complete tasks, images of why we do what we do, explanations of how to perform simple tasks associated with your specific business service, how to use your products, new tech related to your industry and so much more. Some of the basic information can provide immense value to the right person, another example. I wanted to know the best way to dice onions, found it in seconds and too this day still do it that way. Not only did I find so much value in that very short video, I was curious to see what the chef had also posted, and to this day I can still recall his name.

Would you not want that? From some simple content that takes you 15 minutes to produce can have your company’s name or image permanently fixed with a consumer, simply because they enjoyed or needed the information. They may not call on your services or products right now, but I guarantee you when the time comes they will enquire with you first.

Creating a list of specific content, you would like to produce should be clearly written in your marketing strategy. Try a couple of basic tutorials either in an image or video format and post them to your social media, after a week the results will show how popular it was. If the results are promising this should motivate you to continue producing more. Just remember to be consistent and keep the content flowing.



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