What is the real Definition of GREAT content? Want to know…..

My definition of great content is that which stops me scrolling. The information that the image or video presents must be eye catching and make me go WOW! We are so spoilt with endless content these days, that unfortunately, it’s only the really special posts that gain attention. Yes, it is unfortunate as some of social media’s greatest messages of motivation or inspiration are easily skipped if not presented well.

One of the best posts that I have seen from a business social media page, provided so much value to me personally, that I regularly check their page for other interesting posts. Why might you ask? What is it that they are posting?

The weather report for that day!

Every morning I wake up and my phone shows overnight Facebook updates. The top one is always from the same business with todays forecast. With this bit of information right at the start of the day, I can plan my day accordingly, especially if I have kids nagging me to go to the park. The second reason why I find so much value in what they post is that it is there EVERY morning.

The fact that I can rely on the information to be there day after day builds a sense of trust from that company. Seven days a week, I am seeing their business name, details, logo and more importantly, their business message. Not only does the consistency draw me in, the way in which the information is promoted is always a pleasure to look at. This company provides the information written over a photo. I find it refreshing to see a beautiful landscape image with useful information first thing in the morning.

Such a simple exercise to set up, but in my opinion it has more effect than hundreds of dollars of boosting your posts. It gives me the feeling that if I used this companys products or services one day, I would not be let down, dissatisfied or worried about the quality of what they provide.

Now, I am not saying that everyone should go out and copy this example, but give some thought to the things people need every day that you can provide. For instance share prices, traffic situations, local news, events, holiday dates, weather warnings and so much more.

Now Facebook actually doesn’t like text on images, and will go so far as to notify you when you post content this way. Yet quotes or statistics etc can be so interesting when presented like this. I can only assume that the younger generation prefer other content styles, and so Facebook reduces the amount of free traffic to these styles of posts.  Its a different story when it comes to Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and even Twitter though, so perhaps this may be a future change in Facebook’s algorithms.

So don’t let this little bit of information distract you from using this style of content creation on Facebook, as it is still very popular. It just may take a little more work to get YOUR audience to notice it.

I have discussed previously about selecting your target audience, and the process of defining your audiences interests is very similar. Generally, a group of individuals with comparable character traits will have related interests. Try to work out what they are and a way in which you can communicate a meaningful message with them regularly.

Again another reason to keep a close eye on your analytics, because they can provide great insights into your target audience and their interests. If you are still in doubt, or new to social media, ask questions or post polls on Facebook and see what the response is like. Polls or direct questions are very popular now so take advantage and get some free information.

The more you can define your target audience, the less money and time will be needed to advertise to them via social media.

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