Social Media Ads – Why am I not seeing results????

“I am confused 10,000 people just saw my Facebook ad yet I have had no emails, calls or sales”

A question I get asked too often! Advertising on social media is so affordable that any business owner can afford it. Being able to advertise for as little as $1 a day makes it an attractive option, yet so many don’t see the results they are after. Why?

Is my targeting options wrong?

I don’t how to target?

Why is my ad not performing?

These are all common problems which turn small business owners away from social media. I mean they know the audience size is there, as they had 10k views overnight but no sales.

Let me ask you a question, what was the last thing you brought from seeing an ad on social media and did you purchase that product immediately after seeing the ad?

Most of you probably wouldn’t have purchased straight away after seeing the ad, but if you have a need or want for that product in the future then the ad will most likely pop back up in your mind.

Now here is the important part how easy can your business be found when the consumer is ready to find you and complete the purchase? I mean the ad is gone as you have assumed it’s not working, and chances are your website would not be on the first page of google search as that would take $$$ to get there so how do they find you?

It is easy, in fact, you already know how to do it, you have done it before… but you assumed it was not working! That’s right more Social Media Ads and posts !!!

Social media advertising doesn’t work overnight, in fact in some cases it can take weeks or months to build an audience and get your brand out there. But if you don’t start now then it will take even longer. That’s the added benefit of social advertising being cheap, it’s so affordable that you should be promoting and interacting in the social sphere all the time!!

Obviously, there is more to it than that but if you cannot commit to at least a 3-month plan then don’t waste your money or time. Join me on Friday 9 May for a detailed article on how to target effectively when advertising on social media.

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