Complex Facebook targeting made Easy !!!

Everyone out there that has dabbled in Facebook Ads would be aware of the complex range of options that Facebook provides for you to target.  The challenging part that everyone always questions is, who do I target or do I just select everyone?

If you have an unlimited budget then yeah select everyone… hopefully your ad hits a potential customer at the right time. But why just hope when Facebook gives you plenty of tools to analyse and find insights into your audience.

Let me start this by saying that one single Ad will not give the results you are expecting straight out the box, period! Don’t fall for those Youtube or Facebook wantrepreneurs that claim they have the answer to all your social marketing needs for a small price of blah blah blah…..

So where do you start?

You need a plan, a strategy, one that will narrow down your targeting so when you run your campaigns you have a better chance of getting results. Yes, that’s right CAMPAIGNS (plural). Yes, I recommend running numerous campaigns simultaneously even on lower budgets if need be. I will dive into this subject matter in another article, but for now, lets move on.

Let’s look at targeting like this, what are the chances of you catching a fish with one fishing rod and the wrong bait for the fish that are around at the time? Slim to none, yet if we had numerous fishing rods with a selection of baits then we would increase our chances of catching something, right?

You would then be able to work out which bait worked best, and then apply this bait to all of your rods to increase your chance of hooking a customer, oops I mean fish!

Facebook Ads are exactly the same, first you need to work out the targeting options (bait) then you need numerous campaigns (fishing rods), so the chances of achieving realistic results are greater.

These ‘Test Ads’ help give us insights into which of the main options will work best for your company or business so that we can target correctly. Our strategy for defining targeting takes a little time, usually 3 weeks to run the Test Ads so that we can be confident that when we activate our campaigns, results will come.

Follow me to see our next article on how to setup test Ads, content for test Ads, analysing the results and preparing for promoting your campaigns. If you have any questions please feel free to email me directly via our contact page, Facebook, Instagram or below in the comments tab.



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