Where are your customers? Social Media Targeting.

Facebook targeting or social media targeting is an interesting subject. How do you know which options to choose?

Let’s dive straight into this subject, by the way, if have not read my previous article ” Complex Facebook Targeting” I suggest you read that before this article. First and foremost you need to do some research. Who are your customers? Where do they come from (location)? What age bracket do they fit into? What common interests do they have that creates the need they have for your product?

If you can answer these questions you are off to a great start if you cannot then we need to run some test Ads. Before we talk about test Ads when you are answering these question don’t fall into the trap of assuming you know the answers. I have numerous clients who believe they can give me those answers, yet when we research their target market using various tools and techniques they are quite surprised when they see the results.

FYI this article is aimed at small businesses that are relatively new to Social Media Advertising and content promotion.

Ok, Test Ads, whilst they still serve the purpose of advertising your company they should cost the minimal amount to produce and run. We like to run a small offer/discount as a test Ad, that way we are giving users value which will help produce the results we will need to target effectively.

Again, small business owners generally don’t have the funds to promote content to broad audiences, hence the need to accurately target.

So you have created a quick image based Ad, set it up on your chosen social platform and run it as an Awareness- reach Ad. This way you will get maximum views at a lower cost, giving us better results to work from. Target quite a large age bracket, an example maybe 18-40 and both gender (unless your product only suits the needs of one). As for demographic options, a 20-mile radius of your store/shop/location will be a great starting point. Obviously use common sense here, if you sell surfboards don’t target too far from the beach.

At this stage I like to leave the interests empty, now a lot of people won’t agree with me but I have had great results when coupled with different stages of targeting.
Run the Ad and my recommendation here is 3-4 days over a busy period, such as weekends, holidays or even just busy hours of the day to gather some data (keep in mind your bid strategy here)

At this point, we are really trying to find the age bracket that is interested in our product on social media. Audiences for your products will change depending on where you are selling them, try and keep this in mind when promoting content over various platforms.

When the content is finished its promotion, bring up the analytics and check out the results.


From the above analytics, we can clearly see that our content was favored on Instagram, by both men and women, but the interesting result is the age brackets. Users aged 25-44 showed more interest than 44-65 (the clients recommend age bracket was 40-60) so this is a great place to start. We composed a follow on Ad from this and posted to Instagram, we targeted the ages of 25-44 with our recommended demographics and interests which yielded great results. We still had a lot of work left to find an accurate Facebook Audience but it was the start the client needed. As you can see only $10 was spent on this Ad (basic test Ad), we budgeted $50 for all the test Ads and settled on $500 dollars for the final Ad spend. The results returned an ROI (return on investment) of 8x over a 6 week period which was more than our client anticipated, especially as they where new social media

Now we won’t be giving all our secrets away as I could write a book on this subject, but this shows you the process you can take in conjunction with some surveys and other tools that help you obtain data relevant to your industry.

I will continue on this subject more in the future but for now my next few articles with revolve around content creation. Thanks for reading and as always if have any comments or questions feel free to leave a response below.

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