Is it that SIMPLE! If So……..

Now, this may be a bit of a rant but I have noticed a growing trend, mainly in America with certain people offering a social media marketing course ( get rich quick scheme) for around a $1000. After completion of this course, you can start your own agency making 6 figures a year. This is absolutely ridiculous. There is a distinct difference between promoting one’s personal life over social media and marketing a company or its products!

If any of you reading this have fallen for the click bait traps on Youtube about this subject matter, then read on as you will be surprised as to why an education and experience helps.

Firstly, most that have paid for the course (Mr Lopez course in particular) would hopefully have realized that he fills you with nothing but quotes and evidence from OTHER people who have put in the hard work. Yes, there is a very small portion of what I have seen that gives you very basic foundations of what a SMMA (Social Media Marketing Agency) does. Facebook actually has FREE (Yes Free) training and information on these foundations, is called Facebook Blueprint.

There are no short cuts to building a successful business, period. Now I am not saying you cannot do it by any means, but you have to understand the importance of knowledge and experience before you promote your skills to the world.

Read Mark Cuban’s book ” How to win at the sport of business” to see how he got where he is today. It took hard work and lots of patience, Gary Veynerchuck another great example who describes how much you have hustle to get anywhere in the world of business. Gary’s books are brilliant and offer a lot of value, I suggest you read them before you buy any “SMMA Course”.

I have noticed a heap of young “entrepreneurs” making videos about the course and how they are going. Great for the world of marketing, more people are gaining an understanding of what digital and social marketing actually is. Is this a good thing or bad?

Let’s look at a certain Youtuber The Young Entr……….. He bought the course, started his own marketing agency and even produces videos of him pitching to clients. Good start, but a couple of days later shows a video of best niches to pitch too! Come on he has not even been in business long enough to have that knowledge or proof that his marketing efforts work!

Now I will tell you, nothing happens overnight in marketing especially social media marketing. Yet he is promoting knowledge that takes a certified and dedicated marketer years to acquire. Oh, then obviously noticing its not quite going as Tai Lopez promises expands to build an Amazon store and a week later claims to be making hundreds of dollars a day. This is a classic example of Youtube personalities over exaggerating to build an audience in order to build more revenue from Youtube.

In my honest opinion, it is a bad thing! A lot of small companies will see the rise in popularity of social media marketing and so they should, it is a great way to build a brand, interact with your audience and sell more product but only if done correctly. They most likely will commit to one of these agencies, see that it has not helped and given every digital marketing agency a bad name.

On the other side, it is promoting that a young person these days doesn’t need an education, doesn’t need to build up their skill set or put the hard work in first before building a company.

Some of you may be thinking I am biased as I have an agency so let me give you some reasons why they won’t work in long run.

To “market” a company big or small you must know its industry inside and out. You must know the company inside and out. You must study the companies business strategy or possible help them make one. This process can take weeks if not months. Research must be performed on the industry, your audience and it competitors so you have a clear understanding of how to achieve results and compete with competitors. If you are marketing an individual product acquiring a target market takes even longer.

There is no way in 3 or so months can you learn this knowledge, set up the deals, acquire the information, research the competitors, research the target market, write a strategy, develop a plan, execute the plan and review the results. It CANNOT be done! Any other agencies reading this back me up with a comment below.

These feelings I feel when reading or watching these get rich quick schemes gets me angry and I am not the only one. Gary Vee lets his emotions out on this subject in his book Ask Gary Vee, although all his anger is aimed at the people that buy into these scams.  If anyone wants to achieve success they can do it but it takes more than a couple of motivational videos to get you there. Ask yourself this if it was that easy wouldn’t everyone be successful?

Hopefully, I have made it clear that marketing a company on social media is not just posting pics of what the company did or achieved last week, it’s about building an audience for their brand. And  IT TAKES TIME on social media. I tell my clients that we will review our strategy in 3-6 months to see what we have achieved.

I know those of you reading this that have spent 10 years honing your skills would not want a young 20 something boasting online they can do a better job than yourself, let alone someone telling them they can just watch this video and…..

Rant over, back to work and hopefully, you can see my point.





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