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With the ability to target over 100 specific consumer traits, we can promote your products and services towards those that best fit with what you are offering. This equates to a significant increase in conversions or leads for your company at a price almost every business can afford!

Budgets from as little as $5 a day can reach hundreds if not thousands of consumers and these advertising campaigns run 24 hrs. A bonus to running advertising on social media such as Facebook ads, Instagram promoted posts or Linkedin ads is that you have the ability to pause, increase and decrease your budget accordingly.

Traditionally, social media marketing or digital marketing agencies will offer a month by month contract, generally around $2000+ a month for them to research, create, manage and run your campaigns. Now, whilst some months you may see this as viable, those quieter months may leave you strapped for cash. Of course, we offer this service as well complete with building strategies, competitor analysis, content creation, promotion, and analytics but your business simply may not need this level of social media marketing or social media management right now.

What we can offer you is a way to advertise your business without the lock in contracts, set your own weekly budgets, whilst still promoting professionally designed ads utilising our insights to target consumers accordingly.The setup process is as follows:

  • Schedule a meeting to discuss advertising objectives
  • Evaluate your current social media accounts
  • Provide recommendations to improve your pages
  • Link your social pages to our business manager
  • Set your budgets and determine the approximate reach for each ad.

From here we take over and create captivating ad campaigns. After your approval, we publish, monitor and provide you with the analytics of your campaign. We generally run two ad campaigns for up to 8 weeks across various audiences.

If you would like more information or have questions regarding social media Ads, simply fill out the form below and will get right back to you.