New to business and need help setting up your social media? Or..

Not getting the results you expected?

Maybe all you need is some knowledge or motivation? Our strategically designed social media consultation classes help you overcome some of the hurdles associated with the digital marketing and social media marketing.

Whilst it is fairly straightforward to set up your business accounts on various social media platforms, maintaining and promoting your page to bring results can be challenging.

Each social media platform speaks its own language, certain content on Facebook that is proving effective may have the complete opposite results on Instagram or Snapchat. Twitter is great for building a community that interacts on daily basis, yet LinkedIn works great for B2B networking, all the social platforms have their advantages but do you know how to take advantage of those advantages?


Beginner to Intermediate Classes

Our beginner classes focus on the followingSocial media consultations, social media small business, social media ads,

  • Which social media platforms are right for my business
  • What content should I be producing
  • How to create your own content
  • How and when to post certain content
  • Creating an audience that interacts regularly
  • Create virtual word of mouth advertising

Our beginner classes run from 1-2hours.

Individual Beginner session $99.00 (we come to you)

We can help you every step of the way from beginning to advanced. Get in touch with our social media consultants today!


Advanced Training

Want to know how we do it, our techniques and secrets? Why the Embrace way is so successful, then book a training session with us today!

We teach some advanced social media techniques such asSocial media management, social media training, social media consulting

  • Which social platforms are right for your business
  • Which social platforms are right for your content
  • Customer research
  • Targeting Optimisation
  • Analytics and recognizing Insights
  • Effective use of hashtags
  • Content creation
  • Multi-platform posting
  • Ad campaigns
  • CPC, CPM, Reach, Brand Awareness Ads
  • Getting the most out your budget
  • Social platforms for effective communication.
  • Interacting with users

We offer training classes individually or as a group.

Individual 4-hour session $349.00 (we come to you)

Group sessions start at $79 per person( min 5, max 15 people)

Please note that group sessions times vary from 4-6hrs depending on group size. Evening sessions available.

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