‘At Embrace we endorse innovation, we constantly push ourselves to be the best, produce the best and lead the way in today’s crowded digital world!’

Step 1

Our proven process starts with your business, we need to know what makes you tick. What makes your business special? What Value do you give your customers? How visible is your business online?  Where are you currently on social? What are your business goals? What is your business message? Where do you sit in relation to your competitors?

Step 2

Mapping the consumer’s journey is a vital step in identifying the digital path we choose to take. Our experienced team then research who your customers are? Where can they be found? What content they consume? Why they want your product? Social channels they populate and what drives them to use you!

Step 3

Now we have a clear understanding of your business and its consumers we can map out the path to achieving success. We do not favor social platforms, we only purse media channels that drive performance and ROI.

Step 4

Put our well researched and crafted social media strategy into action and closly monitor the analytics.Perth marketing agency specialising in social media marketing strategies, social media management and social media consultation

We DO not believe in “set and forget” social media strategies. Our team constantly monitor every piece of content we promote, from insights to interacting with comments and questions in real time, providing that personal attention every user deserves. This can make all the difference in converting a “browser” into a client. If a piece of content is not showing results or expiring quicker than anticipated we are always on hand to change it up.

The Embrace team provides real-time updates of performance metrics, media purchase costs, consumer feedback, analytics and results to keep you fully aware of where you are currently positioned in relation to the strategy.

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